General Intro

When it comes to health insurance, there are two main paths to consider: employer-sponsored plans and ACA (Affordable Care Act) Marketplace plans. Employer-sponsored plans are offered by companies as part of their benefits package.  In this scenario, your employer works with an insurance provider to choose a plan that fits the needs of their workforce. and the employee, typically receive guidance and support from your company's HR department when selecting your coverage.

In contrast, ACA Marketplace plans are obtained by individuals or families directly through the government-run Marketplace.  Here, you'll take a more individual approach,  researching plans offered by different insurers and selecting the one that best suits your specific needs and budget.

How It Works



Confused about your business health insurance options? Our free consultation helps! We'll assess your company size, employee needs, and budget to find the perfect fit –  business plan or ACA plan.



Don't overpay for health insurance! We work with you to find cost-saving strategies. This might involve shopping around for quotes, negotiating better rates, or choosing plans with tax advantages.

option 1

Healthcare Benefit Plans for Businesses

These are programs and services offered by companies to help their employees stay healthy and manage healthcare costs. They typically come as part of your compensation package and can include health insurance, wellness programs, and vision or dental coverage.

Health insurance isn't mandatory for businesses under 50 employees, but it's a smart investment. It attracts top talent, keeps employees healthy and productive, and can even save you money.  Strong benefits packages are a magnet for skilled workers, and health insurance costs are typically tax-deductible. Plus, companies with less than 25 employees may qualify for tax credits that lower their health insurance premiums.

Types of employee health benefits


Wellness Programs

Disease Management Programs
Fitness Programs
Mental Health Programs


Health Insurance
Dental Insurance
Vision Insurance
Life Insurance
Disability Insurance

Other Benefits

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs)
Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)
Paid Time Off
Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs)

Impact on Your Business


Attracts & Retains Top Talent

Health insurance attracts top talent by offering financial security and showing you value their well-being. Strong benefits can tip the scales in your favor when competing for skilled workers.


Healthier & Happier Workforce

Coverage encourages preventive care and timely treatment, leading to fewer sick days and a more productive, focused workforce. Reduced healthcare costs for employees can also boost morale.


Tax Savings Opportunity

Employer contributions toward health plans are often tax-deductible as a business expense, lowering the overall cost of providing this valuable benefit.

option 2

ACA (Affordable Care Act) Marketplace plans

The ACA (Affordable Care Act) Marketplace offers a path to quality health coverage for individuals and families.  Whether you're self-employed, work for a small company without health benefits, or simply exploring your options, the Marketplace can connect you with a variety of plans to fit your budget and healthcare needs.

What Does ACA Cover?

These 10 health benefits are the minimum requirement for any plan offered on the ACA Marketplace.

Prescription drugs
Emergency care
Hospital stays
Lab tests
Maternity & newborn care
Mental health & substance abuse treatment
Pediatric care (including dental & vision for children)
Doctor visits & outpatient care
Preventive care & chronic disease management
Rehabilitation services & devices


Who obtains it?
Business Health Plans
Employer offers to employees
ACA (Marketplace) Plans
Individuals or families purchase directly
Business Health Plans
Typically meet employer requirements (e.g., work hours)
ACA (Marketplace) Plans
Anyone can apply, regardless of pre-existing conditions (income limits for subsidies)
Plan Options
Business Health Plans
Employer chooses from insurer offerings
ACA (Marketplace) Plans
Individuals choose from various plans on the Marketplace
Cost Sharing
Business Health Plans
Employer may contribute, employee pays remaining premium (deductibles, copays)
ACA (Marketplace) Plans
Individual pays entire premium (may qualify for subsidies), cost-sharing varies by plan
Business Health Plans
ACA (Marketplace) Plans
May be available based on income
Provider Network
Business Health Plans
Specific network chosen by employer
ACA (Marketplace) Plans
Varied network options, some broader than employer plans
Business Health Plans
Generally lost if you leave the company (COBRA option with higher cost)
ACA (Marketplace) Plans
Portable - you keep your plan even if you change jobs