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Our mission at Healthcare Solution Center is to help you save time, money, and health by simplifying Medicare and providing customized Medicare plan

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Jody is thorough, patient and explained things well - I would say more of a teacher than salesperson which I appreciated.
- Robin Sockness

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Understand Medicare in Simple Words

Medicare's complexity can feel overwhelming and confusing. At Healthcare Solutions Center, we listen to your concerns about Medicare and break them down Medicare into understandable terms.

Save Your Time, Money, and Health

People often lose get overwhelmed when trying to understand Medicare and find the right plan. At Healthcare Solutions Center, our mission is to provide peace of mind by helping you find a plan that suits your needs.

Find The Medicare Plan That Matches Your Needs

At Healthcare Solutions Center, we take the time to listen to your needs and challenges. Our commitment is to offer personalized support and guidance to help you discover the perfect plan tailored just for you.

Intro to Medicare

Confused About Medicare? Let us Simplify

We understand that Medicare can be confusing due to its complexity. Our goal is to simplify it for you, breaking down the complexity into easy-to-understand terms so you don't feel overwhelmed.

In simple terms, there are just two main options to choose from, and everything else falls under those. We'll guide you through it.

What we’ll cover:

Medicare overview
Different plans
Enrollment periods
Eligibility criteria
Part D
Part B
Part A

Why Work With Healthcare Solution Center?

About us

Free of Charge Consultation and Guidance

Working with HSC is free of cost, You’ll get personalized consultation without spending any thing but your time.

Easier and Reasonable Approach

Working with HSC can be more convenient and cost-effective than approaching insurance companies directly.

Customized Support and Education

We are here to listen to you problems at any time and create a customized plan that will serve your Medicare needs.

Service We Offer

Medicare Education and Consultation

We specialize in personalized education and consultation services for individuals turning 65 and those already on Medicare.

This Solution Includes:

Personalized Education
and Consultation
Analyze your plan if you're
already on Medicare
Customized plan based
on your needs
Step by Step guide on
how to apply for plan

Service We Offer

Employee Healthcare Benefit Plans & ACA Marketplace plans

Whether you're an employer who wants to find the customized plan for their employees or an employee who wants to find the plan on their own, we've got you covered.

This Solution Includes:

Personalized Education
and Consultation
Wellness Program
COBRA Continuation
Plan Selection
& Enrollment

See What Our Clients Say About Us

Clement Johnson

Mr Logan was quite helpful and knowledgeable on almost every question i pose to him and research everything else he wasn't too sure on I'd recommend him to anyone.

Michelle Clifton

Jody is professional with a personal flair. He is knowledgeable Any question you have that he does not know he is quick to find the answer for you. I would recommend him to anyone.

Robin Sockness

Jody is thorough, patient and explained things well - I would say more of a teacher than salesperson which I appreciated.

Kim Bee

Signing up for Medicare and benefits is new to me. Jody l made it so easy for me! I would recommend him to everyone! Thank you Jody!! Kim

Elena Lockhart

Jody Logan is an outstanding stelar professional who helped and explained in details the whole process of Humana Medicare Advantage enrollment for both of my parents. His compassion for the elderly and his job is really impressive. I would highly recommend him! Thank you so much Jody!!!

Ivan Velez

Jody went above and beyond to help understand and choose the plan for my family the best. I highly recommend him for your future insurance needs

Dianne Rivette

So glad that I finally called up Jody Logan for my medicare needs! It was far easier than I imagined, and we took care of it right away. Going through all the government websites will confuse and discourage you at times. So it was wonderful to have someone walk you through it, explain it easily and find the right plan that fit me perfectly. Thank you so much Jody!


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I understand Medicare?

We understand that Medicare is confusing and it can overwhelm the person, that why we have a comprehensives guide on introduction to Medicare where we teach Medicare in very simple words

How do I sign up for Medicare?

People can sign up for Medicare through several avenues, including online through the Social Security Administration's website, by phone, or by visiting a local Social Security office. The enrollment process typically begins three months before the individual turns 65 and extends for a seven-month period, including the month of their birthday. Failing to enroll in Medicare on time could cost you, Learn more

How do I know what the best plan is for me with Medicare?

There are basically two main plans that you can choose from: 1. Medicare Supplement and 2. Medicare Advantage. We will consult with you and listen to your thoughts, then provide a personalized plan for you. Learn more about Medicare plans.

How much does Medicare cost?

Medicare costs in 2024 depend on your chosen parts (A, B, C, and D) and income. While there are premium costs associated with some parts.

Who pays for Medicare?

Payroll taxes: These are contributed by both employees and employers through a dedicated Medicare tax.
General revenue: This comes from the federal government's general tax collection.
Premiums: Some Medicare parts, like Part B and D, have monthly premiums paid by beneficiaries.